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Siadow presents the incredible Aluminalia Porthole


The Aluminalia Porthole is something that is sure to fulfill every clients expectations. Superior quality with a careful and intelligent design, it is a winning product for the likes of architects, builders quantity surveyors, carpeters and fitters.


The Aluminalia Porthole has been designed as a complete solution in itself. Fixed or tilt, with the maximum light surface for windows or doors, it is a product that simplifies its installation, avoiding problems and unnecessary expenses



  • Easy to install

  • High Quality, Resistance & Durability guaranteed

  • Polyurethane Pre-Frame included

  • High endorsement

  • Maximum Light Surface - It only misses 3cms on its edge

  • Variable Glass Thickness - from 3mm to 19mm

  • Tilt Opening, Adjustable Brake and Pressure Closing

  • Easy to clean from the inside

  • Wide range of colors - RAL

  • Imitation Wood Finishes

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