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Natural Exposure Test conducted in Florida


This is a mandatory test, required by all international specifications, essential for evaluating the resistance of the coating products and the finishes for outdoor use

Plant available from Decoral Systems for India Market


Model VIV 861 - Profile Frame for Aluminium Profiles, Sheets and 3D Objects

Decoral - Wood Finish - Technology from Italy

A Global Leader in Wood Finishing, Decoral Systems offers complete solution for Wood Finish on Aluminium Profiles which is for External Application. Decoral reproduces with absolute accuracy Wood Grain structure in Mat, Texture, and Gloss Finishes adding great asthetic value to Windows & Doors. Recently it introduced its Super Durable Range, the Gold Series. Decoral offers Plant & Machinery, Powder & Film, for imparting Wood Finish.


Decoral Systems offers one of the most extensive range in Wood Grain patterns. Additionally, Decoral's Internal Application Patterns are widely used and popular in Kitchen Cabinets, Internal Partitions and Modular Furnitures


Decoral System has Four Licensee Applicators in India - one in New Delhi, two in Mumbai, and one in Chennai. From these Licensee Applicators, any Fabricator can get their Profiles decorated in Decoral Wood Finish


Decorals Wood Finish have been in use in India since 2002


Decoral Group also offer GI Color which is Pure Polyester based and is available in amazing range of finishes and colors. Any Job-Coater can procure GI Powder and offer entire GI range



Siadow Systems represents Decoral Systems in India

We will soon be stocking and offering Decoral Powder & Film and GI Range of Powders in India




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