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Siadow presents ISAM


ISAM stands for "Industria Serramenti Arredamenti Mariolini”, it’s a company that designs, manufactures and installs Wooden Doors & Windows of high range. Founded in the early '40s by Giovanni Mariolini, it is a family company now in its third generation, still entirely managed by the Mariolini family.


ISAM has built its image and reputation on reliability, excellent quality and experience in woodworking, offering products suitable time for quality, style and design


ISAM "collections" consist of window frames, doors and blinds suitable for building systems with low energy and passive buildings to zero emissions, the production is built around a range of artefacts of lamellar precious woods and achievements exclusive wood clad in aluminum, bronze and copper


The frames are made exclusively in Italy, the production units of Boario Terme, using the best components and raw materials. The entire production process and the laying system are certified to the international standards ISO 9001

INTESAPLUS HISTORIA is the ISAM’s wood-metal window created to withstand extreme conditions, window reveals all the pleasure and taste of natural wood, blends together with an outer shell made of aluminum or bronze materials are united, and at the same time technically quite distinct.


Inside the house wood, free from the constraints of performance, can express all its beauty with natural finishes, brushed effects to enhance the grain of wood treated with natural wax or varnish to citrus to transmit unique feeling, outside, aluminum or bronze. 

The uniqueness of the window is in the construction technique:


The peculiarities of the gate ISAM characterized by thickness of the frame and swing by 89mm, with a triple and highly insulating glass and four seals, blend with typical construction details of the windows of city centers; craft assembly of the frames is 90 °, the accurate processing of bead profiles and effect steps and the overall dimensions of the central node is arranged so is minimal.



Window INTES PLUS HISTORIA combines the charm of the past the high build quality ISAM, in appreciation of homes and buildings subject to protection architecture. perfect to homes and buildings subject to a classical style. Available with double glass.

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