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Aluminium outperforms other metals except for Nickel

July 2014


Much to the relief of aluminium producers, the white metal has outperformed other non-ferrous metals in price gains, except nickel, which managed to advance 40 per cent after Indonesia put a ban on minerals exports in January.


A positive price outlook acts as an incentive for the industry to consider building new smelters using cost effective technologies. Shedding high cost capacity across the world will take some more time. But the industry has to be ready with new smelters to take care of an anticipated 50 per cent increase in aluminium demand to 75 mt by 2025. World aluminium demand is to grow 6 per cent this year. 



Source: Business Standard

Aluminium all the way !

July 2014


The construction sector in India is emerging as the largest end-user of aluminium which is finding ever new applications due to qualities that make it an ideal replacement for wood and steel. This low density metal is non-corrosive and is considered a green material due to its high recyclability. Aluminium’s incredible strength-to-weight ratio enables it to go into designing of light structures with exception stability.


As cities opt for vertical growth, the metal finds more takers as it is easy to carry to heights. It also lends itself to endless forms inasmuch as it can be sawed, welded, drilled, bent, soldered, screwed and cut into any conceivable and dynamic 3-D shape.



Source: The Hindu

Realty sector set up to step up the use of aluminium
July 2014


The property developers in the country are expected to consume about 10,000 million tonnes of aluminium in the next five years.


“About five to six big developers, including the Prestige Group, will be consuming aluminium in large quantity. This is a huge leap from the existing consumption level in building and construction sector,” said V Gopal, Executive Director (Projects & Planning), Prestige Group, while addressing the Aluminium Association of India’s (AAI) meet on ‘Aluminium in Building and Construction’.



Source: Business Line

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