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Siadow | Why choose Aluminium !


Environment Friendly


Aluminium is endlessly recyclable. Recycling can be done with less energy. It is known to be a green metal and is eco-friendly.


Easy Availability


Aluminium is one of the most popular metals used in the industry in the concerned category



(under extreme weather)


Aluminium windows come with in-built gutter section which allows free drainage of water making it water-tight.


Sound & Heat Insulation


Aluminium Windows with double glass creates sound and heat insulation barrier. Moreover, Al windows with thermal break section provides excellent barrier against heat and sound.




Aluminium is suitable for doors & windows of various size/choice with single/double galzing for private housing as we for public places


Higher sunlight/ventilation penetration


Due to high tensile strength, lower width sections are used, thereby leaving more space for opening leading to more sunlight and free flow of air leading to better ventilation




Al can be anodized, suitable for UV resistant PVDF coating in wide choice of colors. Al sections can be finished in wood texture making it almost a lookalike of a wooden window giving an elegant look to both the interior & exterior of the building


High resale value


Aluminium is 100% recyclable, and hence has a higher resale value than other competition

Easy maintenance


Repair and maintenance can be done at the site itself without having to transport the entire window to the factory/workshop. Less inconvenience hence lower costs involved

No reinforcements needed


Aluminium has a minimum tensile strength of 185 mpa, thus it can be used solely without the use of any supporting reinforcements

Interesting facts


Some of the tallest buildings in the world like Burj Khalifa, Petronas Towers and many others are fitted with Aluminium doors & windows

No fear of expansion/contraction


Coefficient of linear thermal expansion is 0.0000240 per degree celcius. Thus, expansion gap is not required. No effect on doors & windows because of temperature fluctuations

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