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Gi Color is Powder Producer in Italy and is a Decoral Group Company. These Powders are used for Powder Coating on Aluminium Sections and Sheets mainly used in Windows & Doors and Facade. We currently provide a wide range of Powders, exotic Finishes which are for external applications.

GI Color also produces Powder for Internal Application like False Ceiling.

Since 2004 GICOLOR manufactures and sells high quality powder coatings offering a wide range of products, fast and innovative solutions that best meet your needs.

Decoral vs. GI Color


Decoral is a Two Process Job.

First Powder Coating and then a Sublimation Process to impart Wood, Marble, Granite and other Fantasy Finishes which is the Film on-to the Powder.

So basically the Wood Grain Pattern (Inks) in the Film gets transferred on the Powder.

At a Temprature of about 200 degrees, the Inks penetrate the Powder and remain embedded.

So you can then see the Wood Finish on the Powder. The Film after the Process becomes Transparent.

Second, the Job Coater must have Two Plants - Powder Coating Plant and a Sublimation Plant.

Siadow sells Decoral Powder & Film only to those Job Coaters having Decoral SUBLIMATION Plant.

Gi Color - It is a Simple Powder Coating Finish which any Job Coater having Powder Coating Line can apply the Powder. 

Siadow stocks Gi Color Powder and supplies to Job Coaters across India.

GI Color Powder is available in box quantity of 25 Kgs. However, Siadow does supply GI Color powder even as less as 2kgs.

Interested parties can request for Shade Card of both Decoral & GI Color.

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